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Alexander Kurth
Sulinger Str. 9
28857 Syke

14 responses to “Contact

  1. Bitte!!! Bitte machen Sie ein Tutorial von dem Mockinjay!!! Ich kann nur sagen, Sie sind sehr talentiert und der Spotttölpel ist einfach ein Meisterwerk. Riesen Kompliment. Also bitte ein Tutorial, selbst wenn er 10 Stunden dauert, ich möchte ihn unbedingt falten können.

  2. Hello, Alexander

    I’ve seen your video about German origami convention 2014.
    Thank you for the news!
    I specially like Beatas’ masks, could you show us how to fold them?

    Thank you very much
    Best regards


    • Thank you for your comment and yeah I like the masks very much too 🙂 I’m not sure yet if and when I’ll make a tutorial because Beata is planning to make a book about it 🙂 But it’s on my list and I will see. Happy folding 😉

  3. I’m your new fan. I really appreciate your work. Just loved the “Easy Origami Flower” and would like to send you the photo of the work I did with her. How should I proceed? May I use your email? AH! In time: The way you speak english is great to me! I can understand everything you say! Thank you a lot! 🙂

    • Hey there! I’m glad to hear that you like my designs and folded the flower! 😉 Sure you can use the email adress or send it in privat mail via facebook. It’s your decision. And you’re welcome 🙂

  4. Hello, Quietmarverick, thanks for your response! OK! I will use the private message at facebook, because I made an album there and is easier to send you the album link. Once again, thank you! 😀

  5. Hi, Thanks so much for all your amazing origami tutorials.
    I was wondering if i could use mulberry paper for wet folding?

    • Hey there, I have tried wetfolding with mulberry paper but I wasn’t satisfied of it because it was very soft after wetten it. It was okay for less models. May I ask if you are german as me and you have german mulberry paper? Because maybe there is a difference between my mulberry paper and yours.

      • Sorry, im not german, i’m australian. My mulberry paper have long fibres so i thought it would work well. I think our mullberry papers might be different. Thanks.

  6. Hi, Alexander,

    I’ve been looking at your video tutorials and I found them very didactive (as are Jo Nakashima’s too), even if your english sometimes sound very funny (but I am french, so it’s in fact much more understandable for me than many english natives ones 😉 In a word : I really love them ! You’re one of those origamists who make complex folding accessible to very mean (crazy) folder as I am.

    That said, I have one silly question : why use MC with biotop paper, as it is already a very good paper : I fold Jo’s dragons with it, without MC and found I got a much nicer result (in my opinion) than with pre-made tissue fold from origami-shop ?
    Is it to help in final shaping (with or without wetting) ?
    Again, many, many thanks for sharing your skills with ours all,
    Happy folding, hoping to hear from you,

    PS: I apologize not understanding german at all 😦

  7. François Désarménien

    Hi, Alexander,

    I apologize : I sent you a very stupid question about your Eric Joisel rat videos on Youtube :
    when I read “biotope and MC”, I wrongly understood “folding with biotope, enforced with MC”, like we do sometimes with Unyu paper and didn’t realize it was “shaping with MC” instead, so my silly question about why doing that ! So, forget it.

    I looked at your four videos now and just thank you a lot : the tricky folding of the rat’s arms following your folding sequence makes it simple as a breeze ! A really learnt a lot with those videos.

    So, again, sorry for the mistake and many, many thanks for sharing your folding mastery with us. And I agree with you that folding and shaping Eric’s models is avery nice thing and should be shared by many folders.

    And I definitely love your “A glance into heaven” 😉

    • Dear François 🙂 Thank you for all your kind words. I’m glad to hear you like my videos that much! And don’t apologize for your question. I think you have understood know but yes I use the MC-glue to make it more stable. You can fold biotope paper dry and you can shape it with water only but I prefer to shape it with MC-glue because it’s very thin paper. If I use thick papers like watercolor paper with 150gsm or more I don’t need MC-glue – just water – because it changes the strukture of the paper and hold it in place at the end strongly 😉 So I’m also glad you enjoy my bad english 😀 Sometimes it’s bit anoying because there are always some people who say my english is extrem terrible. But there are much more who like it because it’s easy understandable x) So I’ll go on with speaking bad 😉 Have a great weekend!

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